Welcome to the play wagons!

Around here, you can watch plays and listen to tales about Conaria, the world we Waldings came from. Or if you prefer, you can listen to stories of the real world, told by some of our visitors.

Stories of Conaria

Our latest story is the beginning of a series about a girl soldier, Kiri, and the fearsome Orc, who is a legend in our world. You gamers out there might enjoy the name of The Orc, Sebfes Wex Basufucci, which is the sort of thing you can get by rolling dice randomly.

You might have heard about our world first by reading Ann Ewan's book, Brondings' Honour and finding out about a magical Walding girl called Esmay.

If you want to know more about our world, you might like Silverberry Dye, the story of Lucius, an ordinary Walding who suddenly finds himself responsible for a magically-wounded wizard.

Interested in a story about a magician's treasure and the two heroes who went into the land of monsters to retrieve it? Sparrow somehow claims to know all about it.

Just over there, a soldier is telling a story about how one man defeated the army of Sinsi-Rotap. Want to listen in?

Stories of Other Places

Ann Ann Ewan's first book, Firedrake, is about a world where wizards rule, using soldiers to enforce their will. It's about an unlikely trio, a blind woman, a madman, and a wizard, who set out to free the people. It's the story of an almost-blind girl, Shan, who finds herself training to be one of the hated soldiers.

You see, Shan hates everything about school until she meets... but I'm getting ahead of myself. It's really exciting, and you can read part of it online.

Gavin is telling us how he visited the birthplace of the wizard Merlin on his visit to Wales.

A while back, we held a story competition. Read the story of the mysterious Woodbridge.

From the United Kingdom, the same magical place where Gavin's stories come from, comes a brief tale of a rights-of-way officer and a crop that wouldn't quit.

Also in the UK, much longer ago, a Roman soldier wishes he could go home.

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With twenty-six lead soldiers, I can conquer the world.
- a reference to the printing press
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