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Firedrake is my first published book, and I'm pretty excited about it. (Love the cover, thanks, Jackie!) I live in North York, just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I first started writing this book years ago while I was writing to my younger sister, who had just left home to attend Coast Guard College in Nova Scotia.

Firedrake was published by a Canadian publisher, Thistledown Press in Saskatchewan. You can find them on the net at:
There's a picture of me there, as well, if you click on my name.

Here are the reviews of Firedrake and a list of the readings and signings in Southern Ontario. You can see pictures of my book launch from that page as well.

If you want to know more about me and how I became a writer, you might like to read my notes for a radio interview.

What the story is about:

Firedrake takes place in a magical land ruled by wizards called the Arkanan. The Firedrake is not a real dragon, but a construct that the Arkanan made. They trapped a piece of the Wheel of Time inside the Firedrake, and each time they touch it, they live a little longer. They want to rule the land forever.

The Firedrake has its own ideas, though, and it doesn't like the Arkanan. In fact, it won't let them touch it unless they bring it gemstones. To get the gemstones, the Arkanan force the people of the land to work in the mines (as well as on their farms). To enforce their will on the people, they have created an army of soldiers.

There is a prophecy that the Firedrake will be destroyed by three people, a blind woman, a madman, and a wizard, so naturally the Arkanan are on the lookout for them.

The main character in the book is Shan, a girl who can't see very well. She was taken from her family and trained as a soldier. Of course she isn't a very good one! It's impossible for her to hit a target, because she can't see that far. She's bullied and picked on by the other kids at the training school.

When she meets up with her two companions, Shan realizes that she must be the blind woman of the prophecy. Deakin is the madman, a warrior who has been in one battle too many. He's moody, unpredictable, and dangerous. Fletcher is the wizard, who has had to struggle with learning his powers on his own and keeping them hidden, since the Arkanan kill any other wizards they find.

The story is about these three, and their quest to find and destroy the Firedrake.

How to get a copy:

Firedrake is available in the bookstores. It's usually in the kids 8-12 section, or sometimes in the teen section, but it's not just for young adults. Anyone who likes fantasy will enjoy this book. My second book, Brondings' Honour, is usually in the teens section. It's listed as for ages 13 up.

You can also order Firedrake from Indigo, from, or from .

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