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My star attraction is:

Unicorn Quest Typing Tutor

Do you or your kids want to learn to type? Right hand, left hand, both hands?

Unicorn Quest is a typing tutor game for DOS. It also works under Windows 95 or Windows NT (just go to the DOS Prompt). Unicorn Quest was originally written for an eight-year-old one-handed girl who wanted to learn to type. Unicorn Quest makes learning to type into a game. While on a quest for a missing unicorn, the player practices typing letters, typing words, and finally typing sentences. The player can choose any of three levels of difficulty. At the end of each exercise, there is a different ASCII animal picture as a reward.

Unicorn Quest is shareware, and can be used with right hand only, left hand only, or both hands. On special request, the typing tutor can also be easily customized for any missing fingers. If you are interested in a special version, write to me and explain your needs.

Download a copy of version 3.1 of Unicorn Quest! (zipped file 170K, expands to 648K including the zip file).

An old version of Unicorn Quest for Mac is available. If you have an older Mac and are willing to put up with some glitches, you can download a copy of the Mac version.

Installation instructions

When Unicorn Quest has been downloaded to your machine:

  1. Right-click the file (called uquest31.zip or unicorn.zip) and select WinZip > Extract to folder > C:\uquest31 (or whatever name ends with uquest31).
  2. Go to the new uquest31 directory and double-click the unicorn (or unicorn.exe) file to play the game.
  3. Type your name and press Enter. (Since Unicorn Quest is a typing tutor, it does not recognize the mouse.) Use the arrow keys to select the hand you want (Both is the default) and then press Enter to start the game.

You can have Unicorn Quest take up the whole screen by pressing Alt-Enter. (Press Alt-Enter again to get the other icons back.)

Unicorn Quest Add-Ons and Extras

We can create custom versions of Unicorn Quest for special needs.

You can also download the unicorn icon (uni.ico) for Windows. It was created by Lakaya M. Peeples and inspired by an origami unicorn by Peter Vu Anh Le. Lakaya updated it in May 2003 to make a Windows XP version.

Or go and pick up the Estonian version of Unicorn Quest. I'm still looking for programmers who are interested in helping us translate it to other languages.

Read our tips about using Unicorn Quest.

Read some of our mail about Unicorn Quest.

Rob did most of the programming for Unicorn Quest. Ann did the story and put together the graphics.

If you have ideas for other needed programs like this, please write to Thelion.

Programming Tools and Other Products

Having trouble converting between DOS and Unix files, or DOS and Mac files? I can help.

I sell some handy tools written by the developers here. They are DOS tools (but they work in a DOS box under Windows as well). If you are interested in other tools, visit my toolshop for free downloads and information about:

TR - Replace characters in a binary file
DUMP - Dump a binary file in hex/ASCII
DELAY - DOS PAUSE, with a timeout
UNIX2DOS - Convert between UNIX and DOS files (Mac too)
HEAD - Show the beginning of a text file
AUTOGEN - Create automatic timestamps
HERE - Mark this directory for later return
LC- Count the lines in some file(s)
WRITE - Write to a text file (from batch)

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