Fortune-Tellers' Row

Welcome to Fortune-Tellers' Row! Prepare to be amazed!

A beautiful woman with long flowing hair greets you as you approach the first wagon in the row. A cream-coloured cat is winding around her legs. She makes a simple gesture and a bright scatter of cards appear in her hand.

"Welcome, my dear. Why not come into my wagon and have a cup of tea? My name is Nancy, and my cards hold all the future and all the past. For a single piece of silver, I will let you know all that you desire."

Do you decide to enter Nancy's wagon?

From the next wagon, a man in a tall pointed hat and a long star-covered purple robe beckons you. You are interested to notice that his hat stays on, even when he makes a deep bow.

He tells you that his name is Sandoval, and for a single piece of silver he can analyze your name and tell you its true meaning. Have you been waiting all your life to know the meaning of your name?

Beyond Sandoval, a bearded man with a top hat and a silver cane is using the cane to direct some arriving wagons. Some have already found places, and you can see people setting up card tables, hanging curtains, and generally preparing for business.

A red-haired woman carrying a crystal ball asks if you would like a glance into the mystical crystal. This infinitely magic ball will accept all questions and give back the answers you have waited for. Are you ready to submit a question?

The man with the silver cane directs a wagon hung with purple curtains into its place. The name on the side is "Freya, the Rune-caster." Perhaps you want to see if Freya can read the runes for you?

Or would you prefer a candy apple? This wagon seems a little out of place here, but the candy apples look good. Just tell the boy which apple you'd like and he'll dip it for you. Or, for an extra common, you can dip your own.

Just beyond the wagon is what looks to be a British telephone box. Could it be the Tardis? No, it must be a real phone, because it's ringing. Do you want to answer it?

A wagon with one wheel almost falling off comes creaking along the row. The driver has a long beard and it looks as if there are cobwebs in it. He gives you a gap-toothed smile and says that he is Almaric, the bibliomancer. Could you help him unload his books? The whole wagon is full of them. If you'll help him, he'll give you a free reading. Of course, he says mournfully, he can't guarantee its accuracy.

If you have been travelling and encountered any other fortune-tellers that you think should visit Esmerel, let Stewart know and he'll be glad to send them an invitation.

- Return to the front gate.
- Drop by Thelion's shop and pick up a copy of Unicorn Quest.
- Play word games.
- Play games of chance.

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