Gamers' Aisle

Greetings! Welcome to Gamers' Aisle! Step right up and try your luck! Join the race and win a pig! Win a red ribbon -- or a blue one! See how many peach pies you can eat!

The first wagon on Gamers' Aisle is painted summertime yellow, and is a good place to visit if you're hot and thirsty. The owner, Jason, has a game that lets you run your own lemonade stand.

In contrast to the first, the next wagon is dark and calls itself the Cave of Magic. If your browser supports graphics, you might want to enter the Cave. Simeon, the magician there, claims he can always guess your card. Neat trick!

The next wagon is even darker, and belongs to someone who calls himself Sir Jim. It looks like some kind of maze inside there! Sir Jim says you can choose your own adventure. But be careful and watch your step! It's very dark, and some of it is still under construction.

Have you tried our typing tutor game, Unicorn Quest? Even though it was written for kids, many adults tell us they enjoy it. You can pick up a copy at Thelion's shop.

Feeling lucky? A motley group are playing cards at the next wagon. A boy with a winning smile looks up and asks if you would like to join them. Care to try your luck at poker?

What's this phone booth doing here? I thought we were in a fantasy world?!

If in your travels you have encountered any other games that you think belong in Esmerel, please let Stewart know.

"What I say is patience, and shuffle the cards."
Cervantes, Don Quixote

- Play some games with numbers.
- Go east to see a play.
- Drop by Thelion's shop.
- Return to the front gate.

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