Customized Versions of Unicorn Quest

What we need to know

Unicorn Quest was designed to help anyone learn to type. It's easy for the programmers to create custom versions for people with special requirements, such as missing fingers or limited dexterity. The easiest things to change are the fingering and the speed requirements.

To create a customized version of Unicorn Quest with different fingering, we need to know which finger is going to be used for each key. If you're not sure, let us know which fingers you will be using and we can help you work out the fingering. The more details you can give us, the better.

We can also customize the speed requirements. Contact us and give us details of your situation.

Customizing Unicorn Quest works for either the PC or Mac version.

You can contact us by writing to Thelion.

Preparing your system for a customized version

To prepare your system, download Unicorn Quest from our site and install it. Run it to set up the student's name and preferences and make sure everything works.

Installing the customized version

Once we have completed the customization, we will send you one or two files which you will simply install in the same directory. (Don't worry; we'll also send instructions.) Depending on the customization, we may also ask you to delete a file in order to re-initialize the program.
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