Gavin's Adventures on the Mystical Isle of Britain -- Part 2

A list of the adventures.

The Magical Ruins of Tintagel Castle

I headed into Cornwall to visit the ruins of Tintagel Castle. The country there is wild, and I thought it best to leave my wagon in safety, at a place called King Arthur's carpark, and proceed on foot along the headlands. The rain and wind increased with each step as I drew nearer to my magical destination, until I could no longer choose my own path, but had to let Merlin's wind choose for me. I have never experienced such wildness! I was nearly blown out to sea, as I walked the high cliffs, and the waves crashed loudly below me, sending their spray half as high as the cliffs themselves.

Rounding a headland, I came suddenly upon the castle ruins. From that distance, they appeared to consist entirely of stone steps crossing and recrossing the cliff faces at suicidal angles. Tintagel Castle was built half on the mainland and half on an island, with a bridge between that only the daring would risk on such a day. I was alone with the wild weather as I crossed, and scrambled up steep wet steps on the island side. I saw the traces left behind by the Romans, as well as the more recent ruins of the castle, where the story of Tristan and Isolde played to its sad conclusion. Here at Tintagel, too, they say Arthur was born through Merlin's scheming. I saw Merlin's cave on the beach, but even my daring would not let me go down through the wild waves. I saw other half-submerged caves, where perhaps Merlin's strange guests would once have stayed.

Of Merlin himself there was no sign, though I looked long and hard, and called him from the clifftops. The daunting increase of the wind and rain gave proof, as if any were required, of the magical nature of this place.

Soaked to the skin, as wet as if I had gone down to the cave and waded through the surf, I retreated to the village of Tintagel, and was delighted to find a thoroughly Walding place. All the shops and eating-houses are "Merlin's" or "King Arthur's", and everything is for sale. A shop called The Dragon's Breath has fairy grottoes, complete with animated elves.

On the way back from Tintagel, I found more magic...

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