Gavin's Adventures on the Mystical Isle of Britain -- Part 1

A list of the adventures.

Arrival in Britain and the Start of the Journey

I recently arrived from an ancient and magical island, called Britain, which many of you may have heard about or even visited. The Singer led me to Heathrow airport, just west of London. It was Britain. It was raining. There were no Waldings around so I waited, in the rain, until I could rent myself a wagon. Then I had to learn to drive on the wrong side. Finally I ventured onto the roads ("highways") and eventually onto the highway ("motorway").

From Heathrow, the path led me west. It had been many hours since I'd eaten, so I stopped and got a huge breakfast in a place called Amesbury. As I drove along the motorway, I came across a collection of large stones on Salisbury Plain. A lot of people were walking around them. I figured they must have some religious significance, so I thought I'd go back later and take a look.

The path led me to a little place called Witheridge, near Tiverton, where I found a couple who were nice enough to let me stay on their farm. They let some badgers live there as well. The roads were very narrow and twisty, and took some getting used to. I found that all the stores ("shops") were shut, even though it was Saturday afternoon. I was glad I had had a big breakfast.

I slept the night on the farm, and headed off next day to explore Tintagel Castle. I had heard that I might see Merlin there.

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