An Occasional Visitor

Wulf, son of Deathwulf, clan Bronding

My Walding friends are kind enough to let me stay over at Esmerel and even keep a few things here, not having a wagon of my own.

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about Brondings

Wulf: not a typical Bronding

Hi there, I'm Wulf. I'd like it if you didn't call me by that name while those soldiers are in earshot, though... you never know, and it doesn't hurt to be careful.

My accent? I thought I was better at disguising it. Well, I'm from a long way north of here. A Southerner like you probably thinks we're pretty far north now, but where I come from, everyone here is a southerner.

Good, those soldiers moved on. If you must know, I'm not actually a Walding, either, although I can usually pass for one among non-Waldings. Why would anyone want to look like a Walding? Well, look at this place... can you imagine trying to find any Walding in particular? Plus, their wagons go everywhere and Waldings see a lot of the world. It can be a useful way to travel.

No, I'm not in trouble with the law! Actually, I'm on clan business, which is usually none of anyone else's concern. I'm apprentice to our clan's Honour. Surely even you have heard of Sigurd Bronding.

Look, if you say that again, you'll be very sorry! He is not an assassin. He personifies the honour of our clan, and killing people who wrong us is the smallest part of the job. Usually a word to another Honour or a stern warning suffices. Assassins kill for money, and Sigurd would never do anything so evil.

Hmmm... there's someone over there I have to check out. Excuse me, please. And if you see a one-eyed Shielding with a fancy green cloak, could you ask Stewart to let me know?

Would you like to ask Stewart to carry a message to Wulf? Ask him to deliver it to Wulf Deathwulfing Bronding and it'll get there, sooner or later.

Who are Brondings?

In the northernmost corner of human civilisation, the Sword-Clan lives in the last habitable valley before the true mountains begin. Considering themselves the true blood of the ancestral hero Hodor Brond, the Brondings are the best swordsmen, the best hunters, the best trackers... or so they maintain.

Others point out that Hodor Brond has many, many descendants, and that few clans indeed do not consider themselves the best swordsmen. However, the prudent among them don't point this out in a tavern full of brawny Bronding men!

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