(97-04-02 UPDATED) TEMPLATE.AWK - Template for building AWK programs

This is a template for AWK programs. When I write a new AWK program, I usually start by copying this template.

By using this template, I know that any new scripts I create will be compatible with my indexing utilities, such as HELP.AWK.

#File: template.awk #?? TEMPLATE.AWK - Template for building AWK programs # #?v Written [Date] #?v By [Your name here] # # This is an AWK program to ... # #? Usage: #? AWK TEMPLATE file(s) #? Options: #? var=value Purpose of this option # # Put initialization code here BEGIN { # Set the default values for any options here # Do initialization for before the first line from file } # Now put the active code. Format: pattern { action } { print } # Put closing code here. This will execute after the last line from file END { # Dump any final output here }
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