Esmerel: Wagons in Residence

Some of the people who call Esmerel their home


Ann is a technical writer, fiction writer, and occasional programmer. Visit her wagon for some great dog links, as well as information about technical writing.

Wulf Deathwulfing Bronding

An occasional visitor to Esmerel, Wulf is good at knife-throwing and tumbling. He may have been here for some time; you don't usually notice Wulf unless he wants you to.


Rob is an independent contractor, specializing in embedded programming for data communications. Rob designed the Unicorn Quest program and did most of the programming. He is interested in using computers to help people achieve their greatest potential, and is looking for other such projects.


Heather maintains our sister site at A frequent visitor to Esmerel, Heather loves to travel and search for interesting tidbits of information. Visit her wagon for disability information and a Robert Wagner fan page.


Rusty sometimes acts as a guide to Esmerel. He can often be found wandering near the wagons where the games are being played. He likes to make sure that everything is fair. It is usually a good idea to listen to Rusty's advice.

If you are approached by someone with a tricky scam, I mean scheme, and think others should be warned, you might want to write to Rusty.


Stewart generally runs things around Esmerel. He keeps us all organized and tries to greet everybody when they arrive. If you have any comments about the site, you can contact Stewart.
- Go back to the front gate.
- Visit the theatre and read our stories.
- Drop by Thelion's wagon.
- Head out on the highway.

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