Mel and Mel Eat at: The Tickled Toad

Why does Willowdale like to name its pubs after amphibians? We've tried the Frog and Firkin, the Slug and Lettuce, and now the Tickled Toad. (Well, all right, maybe a slug is not an amphibian, but it does have the same yucky connotations.)

The Tickled Toad is up at Steeles, north of our normal range, but as I've mentioned before, Melanie likes British pubs. It's located in a strip mall (beside Henry's Camera store) and doesn't look like much from the outside but they've made a good replica of a British pub inside. Warm, cosy, all wood beams and a fireplace. Definitely a pleasant (if noisy) place to spend an evening.

Melanie had bangers and chips -- she was disappointed not to find bangers and mash -- and I had my usual burger and fries. Melanie's portion was generous and included three big sausages, lots of gravy and fried onions, and more fries than she could eat. We both liked the fries. The burger was obviously one of those pre-cooked frozen patties. It was acceptable.

The service was slow, however, and even though we ate early, before there were many other patrons, the waitress gave the impression of being constantly rushed. We got a nasty surprise at the end of the meal. Apparently the Tickled Toad doesn't give free refills on coffee and tea.

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