Mel and Mel Eat at: Sweet Cheeks

Sweet Cheeks is on the east side of Yonge, just north of Finch. We found it a strange mix of satisfactory and disappointing.

From the outside, it looks like a fifties place, and it has great decor. Melanie fell completely in love with the look of it. I think she would have liked to move in! Not only is it a fifties place (with a jukebox, even), but the colour scheme is glorious, the whole place dazzling with coloured lights that give an impression of light and air. A treat just to look at, Melanie says.

Unfortunately, when we saw the menu, there were none of our fifties favourites! The menu was much more of a nineties menu.

On the plus side, Melanie enjoyed her club house sandwich very much.

On the minus side, she hadn't actually ordered the club sandwich. There were two club sandwiches on the menu, and she had ordered one with roast beef instead of bacon. She got the one with bacon. This was unfortunately a reflection of the service, which was consistently sloppy and uncaring. The server seemed to feel that customers were an unwanted intrusion in her day.

Although the place has deliberately been given a fifties look, the menu is completely nineties (eighties?) and there is not a hot dog or ice cream soda in sight. Since it was clearly started as a fifties place, we wonder what happened? A pity that it didn't stay fifties. We're going to continue to hope for another fifties place in the area.

For me, the service ruined the experience, and it was further ruined by the lack of Coke. When I asked initially what soft drinks were available, the server said "Coke." When I asked if it was actually Coke, she admitted it was Pepsi, and that they had no Coke. She did not apologize or seem to care.

We may be back to give the place a second chance, based solely on the look of it, but if the service is as bad, we won't be back again. If you try Sweet Cheeks, expect to pay about $25 for two.

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