Mel and Mel Eat at: The Parkland Restaurant

The Parkland Restaurant, like the Algonquin Lunch Bar, is in the nice little town of Whitney, just outside the east gate of Algonquin Park, It is located beside the beautiful Madawaska River.

The restaurant is divided into three rooms, one of which is a porch where all tables have a view of the river rapids. The service was acceptable but not particularly friendly.

There were full meals available, and catfish was the special of the day, but we were early, and more in the mood for sandwiches. I had a Western sandwich, and Mel, as always, a burger. The burger was home-made and good, as were the fries and the Western.

We were pleased to find that this was another place offering a choice to their customers -- both Coke and Pepsi drinks were available!

If any of you readers eat here, write to Mel and let us know what you think.

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