Mel and Mel Eat at: Moxie's

Moxie's is a restaurant in Fairview Mall, somewhat outside our normal travelling range. We were in the midst of Christmas shopping and decided to get a bite to eat. Moxie's is a family restaurant, and there was certainly no shortage of families, mainly with small children, while we were there. I think the best way of describing the atmosphere would be pleasant and "noisy." It was a nice place, as long as you aren't looking for a quiet meal.

We were pleased to find that Moxie's served Coke. It also serves iced cappucino, a particular favourite of mine. I had a swiss-and-mushroom omelette with my iced cappucino, and Mel, as usual, tried the hamburger.

The food was satisfactory and the decor pleasant. This is the kind of predictable place there is usually not much to say about. The service, however, was far from predictable. Our server, though friendly, seemed incompetent. We first noticed when the iced cappucino came without whipped cream. Since I don't like whipped cream much, I said nothing. Later, though, I had to speak up when my tea came without a teabag! And although Mel takes sugar and no cream in his coffee, the server carefully brought cream for each refill so that he had to ask for more sugar. Perhaps she was new, or just overwhelmed by the Christmas rush. It did, at least, make for a memorable meal.

Expect to pay about $25 for two.

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