Mel and Mel Eat at: Lord's

Lord's is a classy looking restaurant, right in our area, less than a block off Yonge Street north of Sheppard. It's a little pricier than the places we usually eat, and after a look at the menu, which is posted outside, we decided to try the lunch menu rather than coming for supper. If we liked it, we decided, we'd return for supper another day.

Lord's outdoor sign claims they serve the "best steaks and prime rib in the city", and that may be true (since we didn't try them) but we now have trouble believing it. They certainly don't serve the best soup, fries, burgers, or potatoes!

The place is small and feels exclusive, and the decor is nice. We liked the suit of armour inside the door. The dining room is upstairs, but we had lunch downstairs in the cosy little bar. Service was friendly and good.

The mushroom soup was -- well, interesting. It had lumps of something unidentifiable in it, and was almost tasteless. The best thing I can say about it is that it was almost certainly homemade; nothing comes out of a can that way. The cheese-and-mushroom omelet I ordered was not on the menu, but they had no problem making it, and it tasted fine. The potatoes that came with it were -- well, not quite as strange as the soup.

Mel's burger and fries were not very good either.

It was a cold day and we were drinking coffee, so we forgot to ask whether Lord's served Coke or Pepsi. Expect to pay about $25 or $30 for two, double that in the evening. (But we're not intending to return for supper.)

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