Mel and Mel Eat at: The Lone Star

The Lone Star is part of a chain, but we'd never eaten there before. This particular Lone Star is on Yonge Street, north of Steele's. It was outside our range, which is normally walking distance, but we'd heard it was good and wanted to give it a try.

The theme of The Lone Star is Texas, and you're reminded of that everywhere you look. It's a large, friendly, bar-style restaurant with wooden tables, and it has fake cacti inside and out, and every piece of Texas bric-a-brac they could find mounted on the walls. If it's from Texas or has the word "Texas" in it, whatever it is, they dragged it in and put it on display!

Our server introduced himself as "Ricochet," and we spend some time speculating on his name. Maybe he was caught in one of those bar-room gunfights (in Texas, of course), and, although actually a lousy shot, managed to hit the bad guy with a ricochet off the wall. Or maybe he was hit with a ricochet, probably by the good guy (since he survived it), and the good guy took him in and cared for him. Maybe he could never remember his real name. He looked okay, though; I mean, his head wasn't bandaged or anything.

Of course The Lone Star serves Tex-Mex (what else?) but also the normal sandwiches, burgers, and bar food. It's a little more expensive than most of the places we've visited.

I couldn't make up my mind and finally decided on the "gringo" enchilada platter -- a little bit of everything. All three of my enchiladas (beef. cheese, and chicken) were good. They came with rice and refried beans. Mel had the burger, and actually said it was GOOD, not just okay, so they can really cook burgers here as well.

The Lone Star only serves Pepsi, unfortunately. Expect to pay about $35 for food for two.

Later we heard two other servers paged as "Calamity" and "Maverick," so maybe "Ricochet" was just an alias.

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