Mel and Mel Eat at: The Keg

We've been in Willowdale for months now and just realized that we had yet to visit The Keg -- which we had always liked in other locations. This is a Toronto stand-by, and there is an one right in our area, at Yonge and Sheppard in the Yonge-Sheppard Centre.

The Kegs prepare melt-in-your-mouth sirloin steak. Although I also appreciate their teriyaki chicken, I usually end up going for the sirloin classic, which includes a dreamy 8-oz. sirloin as well as a yummy Caesar salad, potatoes, and vegetables. I usually get the garlic mashed potatoes. If I'm extra hungry, I get a side of oven-roasted vegetables or fire-roasted mushrooms. Mel, with a bigger appetite, likes the baseball sirloin and baked potato. The baseball sirloin is approximately the size and shape of a baseball.

The other great thing about the Keg is their Billy Miner ice cream pie!

We both like our steaks medium rare, but we've found that if we get to The Keg early, when the grill has only been on a short while, it's better to order medium. By 6:30 or so, the medium rare is just perfect. (The baseball is so thick that medium rare is the most they can cook it.)

This Keg lived up to our expectations. Since it's in a mall, it doesn't have the character of The Keg at the airport, or of The Keg Manor downtown. Once we got inside, however, the decor was pleasant. The waiter was friendly, and the hostess gave us a quiet table as we requested. Like most Kegs, this one had a fireplace, though our booth wasn't close to it.

Expect to pay $40 for two, without drinks. If you've never tried The Keg sirloin, you're in for a treat.

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