Mel and Mel Eat at: The Frog and Firkin

The Frog and Firkin is on Yonge, just above Sheppard. I believe I've mentioned that Melanie likes British food and drink? so of course we had to check it out.

The Frog and Firkin has more of the British-style pub feel than the Slug and Lettuce does. Not as upscale, more casual and friendly. A comfortable place to eat.

Melanie was pleased to see lots of British food on the menu, but rather bemused to find that the "Ploughman's Lunch" was one of the more expensive items. "It's supposed to be a cheap lunch," she pointed out to me several times. She had a hard time deciding which of the lunches to sample, but eventually went for the bangers and mash, apparently a good decision.

For me, the meal was disappointing. I ordered a burger "absolutely plain", since one of my allergies is to tomatoes. The friendly server, after confirming it with me, brought a burger completely covered with toppings, including tomato, shredded lettuce, onion, and sauce. Even after I removed the toppings, there was so much tomato on the bun that I had to ask her for a new bun, which she brought with many apologies.

Though I had ordered the burger "medium", it was decidedly undercooked, almost raw in the middle. Fortunately, the meat itself was good enough that this didn't ruin the meal. The server also forgot to bring a refill on the coffee after coming over to ask if we wanted anything.

Finally, although the menu says "Coke", the restaurant serves only Pepsi. I'm puzzled by these restaurants that don't update their menus to reflect the drinks they actually serve. I'm more puzzled in that the Frog and Firkin proclaims itself a "Freehouse." In Britain, that would mean they are not tied to any particular beer company. Here, shouldn't that mean your choice of Coke or Pepsi? Does "Freehouse" actually mean anything in this country? Melanie wants to return to try more British pub food, so we'll look into this burning question further and let you know what we find out.

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