Mel and Mel Eat at: Adrienne's Restaurant Bakery

Adrienne's Restaurant Bakery is located just south of Huntsville on Highway 11. It is a strange mix of truck stop and classy cafe. Whether or not the mix works, let me say up front that the bakery products are excellent and the service very friendly. We give this place good marks.

The truck stop aspect was obvious when we looked at the big trucks parked outside, the big guys eating inside, and the size of the portions. We've always considered truck stops a place for good value, especially if you're hungry. It was a good idea to stop for breakfast here. Portions were generous and prices reasonable.

The place was more like a cafe than a truck stop in the variety of specialty coffees available, including Irish Cream and French Vanilla. Customers pour their own coffee and order their food at the counter. There are gigantic cookies for sale, as well as delicious-looking butter-tarts and muffins. We tried one of the oversized shortbread cookies and found it tasted as good as it looked.

The bread, which came with the meal, was almost worth the price alone. It was thick-cut and simply sensational.

Although it is partially a self-serve place, Adrienne's also had one of the friendliest servers we met on our travels. She went out of her way to make sure everyone had exactly what they needed to enjoy their meal, including a complimentary newspaper if they wanted it.

If any of you readers eat here, write to Mel and let us know what you think.

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