Ruri Talks about Walding Beliefs

Hello again. If you've been looking for me, then you must want to know more about the Waldings. Did you have any specific questions for me?

That looked like a good piece of meat. Why did you throw it on the fire like that?

I was giving it to the Singer.


I know you have different beliefs here, but Waldings, and most clans in the northern part of Conaria, follow the Companions, the Singer and the Swordsman. They live in a place beyond this world, which Waldings call the Meadows. Some of you may have other names for the place; it is the paradise that awaits us all if we prove ourselves worthy.

You mean Heaven.

I've heard it called that, and I've also heard it called Istan, or the Bright Tower. I expect it's all the same place.

If you give him all your best food, what does the Singer do for you?

The Singer helps each of us find our path as we travel through life. Since Waldings are always travelling, we have become very good at hearing the Song. We can sense when the Singer is telling us to move on, and he sometimes even tells us which direction to go.

You mean you pray and he answers?

Usually we just know. There are even stories of the Singer coming to a Walding camp and sharing the evening meal. People talk with him about many things; their families, their latest adventures, their greatest worries. It is only later, if they hear him sing or look into his eyes, that they know who he is. They say that when you look into the Singer's eyes, you can see beyond our world, and most people are so overwhelmed that they cannot even speak until long after he has left.

Unfortunately, though I have travelled with Grannus for many years, I have never met either the Singer or the Swordsman, though Grannus tells me he often talks to them in his dreams.

If you have any more questions about the Waldings, write to me.

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