Ann Ewan: Fantasy Author

The Toronto book launch for Gods, Memes and Monsters, which contains my description of Subterrs, the subway monsters, was on Sunday, June 26 at 7:00 PM at the Victory Cafe in Mirvish Village. Thanks, Heather, for hosting the book launch and reading! The bestiary is $20 there (signed!) or you can order it from Indigo or Amazon.

In May 2013, I participated in a wonderful book launch and reading for The Lion and the Aardvark. My fable "The Cat and the Cell Phone" is one of many stories in this fun collection of modern fables.

My short story "Ogre Baby" was released in Issue 7 of Here Be Monsters: Tongues and Teeth. You can read an excerpt from "Ogre Baby" online in the Here Be Monsters blog. Warning: It's gory, as you might expect in a story about ogres.

My fantasy novels (so far) are Brondings' Honour and Firedrake.
The cover of Brondings' Honour showing Dayraven with the fort in the background The cover of Firedrake showing a crystal dragon
Brondings' Honour Firedrake

Ann signing a copy of Firedrake


I've written books and stories for as long as I can remember. I always loved telling stories to my three younger siblings. When I was a bit older, I started writing the books I would have liked to have read.

For the first 10 years after leaving high school, I lived various places in Canada (where I grew up) and Britain (where I was born) and tried a wide variety of jobs, from secretary to security guard to assembly line worker.

I'd always loved school and been fond of animals, so in my late 20s I attended Seneca College and got a diploma as an Animal Health Technician. I worked for a large animal vet (in Peterborough) and a small animal vet (in Toronto) but found I didn't enjoy the work. Instead, I returned to school again and this time had a wonderful time at the University of Toronto, earning a degree in Linguistics, specializing in Old English, Latin, and Irish Gaelic.

Since graduating, I've worked as a technical writer. I've been with many companies and currently work full-time for IBM.

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